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Performing hundreds of functions, one could argue this organ is one of the hardest working in your body.   Here is a short list of 8 tasks it performs:

1.  Regulates the composition of your blood, this includes the amount of sugar, protein, and fat that enters your bloodstream.

2.  Regulates the supply of fuel and energy your body needs to stay alert and active.

3.  Converts nutrients, absorbed by the intestines during digestion, into forms that our body can use.

4.  Produces cholesterol, excretes and converts them into other essential substances.

5.  Produces proteins and other chemicals needed to help blood clotting and blood transportation.

6.  Cleanses the blood by breaking down alcohol, drugs and other poisonous substances.  Your liver also provides resistance to infection.

7.  Regulates the balance of sex hormones and thyroid hormones.

8.  There are external toxins your liver helps filter as well; things like pollution, heavy metals, pesticides, hormones in foods and other by-products.

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As you can see, the previous tasks are essential to your body functioning properly and, well, functioning at all.

Your liver is a regulator and major filter, filtering poisons and toxins.

Your liver was built to take a beating and to protect your body but every now and again you need to return the favor and do what you can to protect it.


Here is a list of 7 ways to help protect your liver and help keep its optimal health:

1.  Avoid direct toxins as much as possible.  What I mean by this is alcohol, drugs, tobacco.  These are all classified as toxins and you directly abuse your body with these.

2.  Practice detoxification.  Certain foods can stimulate enzymes which can activate detoxification such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, and kale.  L-arginine, an amino acid, can also stimulate the detoxification in your liver.  Peanuts, pumpkin seeds, spirulina, and lentils all contain l-arginine.

3.  Milk thistle is an herbal supplement that detoxifies and protects your liver, this has been a natural treatment for liver disorders for over 2,000 years.  (This Superfood Includes Milk Thistle and Glutathione)

4.  Glutathione is involved in many processes of the body and is produced naturally by the liver.  It plays a key role in liver detoxifying as well as combating the effects of a high-fat diet.  (This Superfood Includes Milk Thistle and Glutathione)

5.  Bentonite Clay is a common ingredient found in detox and cleanse products do to its ability to bond to and remove toxins.  It absorbs toxins by using an electrical charge when in contact with fluids.  It can remove toxins such as heavy metals, chemicals, and other impurities.  (This Maintenance Cleanse Contains Bentonite Clay)1 bottle

6.  Exercise or physical activity of some kind.  Being overweight can increase the risk of liver disease and also diabetes.  A few hours a week of moderate activity will do your liver wonders, not to mention your overall health.  It’s interesting how exercise comes up in most of our articles to help your health, must be important.

7.  Consume plenty of antioxidants, these help to fight off free radicals that can damage your liver.  Free radicals can cause inflammation that may result in scarring and tissue destruction.

In conclusion, I’m a firm believer in being proactive and preventing issues from even beginning.  Even if you feel you are completely healthy now, I suggest practicing protecting your liver now so you do not have issues later.


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