Never Grow Old – Age defying skin recipes that make you look young forever…eBook


Our skin is our largest organ, weighing up to ten pounds. It covers about twenty square feet of surface area as it protects our bones, muscles, ligaments and organs. Because skin interacts with the environment, it plays a key role in our immune system.

One of skins’ important functions is to protect the body against bacteria and viruses. Equally important is its role in preventing excessive water loss (Water makes up over 70 percent of the content of our skin).

Some of skins other functions are insulation, temperature regulation, sensation, and synthesis of vitamin D. The skin is our protector and mirrors our health.

This guide will show you over 47 natural recipes to keeping your skin healthy and vibrant.



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What You'll Learn

  • 11 super tips for natural cleanser recipes for dry skin… (you won’t believe #5)
  • Tired of expensive store-bought products? Try these 15 organic anti-aging facial scrubs that are sure to save you a bundle!
  • 5 fantastic spritzer recipes that keep your skin feeling young and refreshed…
  • Looking for a killer moisturizer? These 19 all-natural recipes are sure to make your skin gleam!
  • 13 unbelievably cost-effective cleanser recipes for oily skin…
  • Men, these no-nonsense shaving recipes are sure to have your skin feeling amazing!
  • And Much, Much More…

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